New Book Release: Concinnity

Link to purchase “Concinnity”

The three books, “Incubation,” “Emergence,” and “Concinnity,” comprise seven-year old Marcel’s first time-traveling trip– a quest that sent him to medieval Ireland.

I’d planned to write one book for Marcel, one for Pierre (involving pirates and De Soto’s misadventures, and giving hints at Thomas’s origins), and one for Charly (in France). But during his adventure, Marcel changed in ways I hadn’t anticipated, and the people he met along the way had their own stories, and so much more was going on than I’d realized at first, that it simply took much longer to reach the end of his quest than my research, maps, and plans had initially led me to believe.

I’ve loved sharing this place and time with these new friends– and with my ever-patient family. I hope this book will entertain and delight you, and perhaps something more.

–Alex Drevessa

Cover art by Arcanadragon