Family Night (FHE) activity: D&D

Last night, after a lesson on honesty (Exodus 20:16), and some hymns and prayers, we adjourned to the kitchen table to have our Family Home Evening (FHE) activity. We quickly pulled down all the mini-figures and character sheets, got out our special sets of dice, and procured myriad snacks (the Shrewsbury cakes disappeared first).

At our last session, our adventuring party finished putting the town to rights (so we thought). But before going on our way, we decided to further investigate a rock formation and ravine outside of town, just to make sure there wasn’t something we missed when we’d looked it over the first time.

Turns out, we’d missed a lot.

I think our dungeon master was playing hard and fast with the rules, though. For example, we chased down a certain guy, and he hid in such a way that there was a 1 in 6 chance of finding him, but we didn’t find him until we’d gotten rid of all five other hiding places and the guy had severely damaged every one of us (me twice) with shocking grasp. There was another moment where our DM started to say something along the lines of “you see everything’s cleared out” when he stopped mid-sentence, and said these nasty spidery things were scuttling across the floor towards us, and one jumped right on my face (this in spite of my special outfit I paid a whole lot of gold pieces for in the last big town. When I argued the point about a disembodied hand being able to leap at all, or crawl up my awesome boots, well, let’s just say arguing with the DM can sometimes come back to haunt you.)

One of us got awarded points for inspiration– our wizard cleared out a room of skeletons with a fireball, and our warrior said “Mmmm. Now THAT’s barbequed ribs.” I used that line later that night as I was regaling the folks at the tavern with a rowdy (for us) song on my dulcimer.

As our evening came to a close, a well-dressed person from the Lord’s Alliance said he’d heard of our great deeds fighting evil, and asked us to find out what became of a lost delegation of ambassadors. *awed ooooooo sounds*

I don’t know what you do for your family night, but I hope it was as fun and exciting as ours was!