UK commemorates 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s passing

Obviously, Jane Austen is one of my very favorite authors. I love how her writings make you laugh, and then think. Her characters are unique, but have that ring of truth to them– I look around my office or school or ward (translation: church congregation) and see the behaviors she catches so well. Although I’d love to meet her (I wonder if, in heaven, she accepts cards from people like me?), I can understand that those close to her, but outside her family circle, might have been concerned at becoming the object of her too penetrating wit– her surviving letters are an enlightening read.

The events that commemorate this 200th anniversary sound lovely:

“Two hundred years later, her death is being marked with a lunchtime concert at the venue, featuring music and instruments of the Regency period, as well as a commemorative church service.

‘Lots of people are coming to pay their respects so it will be joyful as well as solemn for those people,’ said the Very Reverend Catherine Ogle, dean of the cathedral.

‘The choral evensong will be a magnificent service using hymns she would have known as well as prayers she wrote herself, so that’s a really beautiful thing.'”

It’s also great that she’ll be on the new 10-pound note note in the UK.