MTG Pre-release “Hour of Devastation”

I’m consistently impressed by how patient and friendly the participants are at these MTG tournaments. Everyone really wants to win, but people don’t put that competitiveness ahead of being considerate.

One guy used “Glory Bringer” against both me and my son (to devastating effect). At the end of the tournament, he overheard my son wishing he had one. The guy gave it to him, just like that.

The five hours went really fast.  My kids and I all finished in the bottom half, but I was glad we did as well as we did. I was a little exhausted at the end, but that just made the after-tournament pizza taste even better.

The MTG artwork in Kaladesh is some of my favorite. I’m no expert, but it seems that in the past expansions, the art varied in quality across the set, but in more recent releases the art is more consistently excellent in every card.