The chocolate chip cookies the heroine mentions are probably these: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. This recipe started out as an oatmeal raisin cookie, but morphed over the years into what it is now.

The Chicken Masala she mentions in chapter 6 is likely similar to this: Easy-ish Masala/Curry Recipe, with Naan.

The bread is “White Sandwich Loaf” from “The Bread Bible” by Rose Levy Beranbaum. The Bread Bible  A few years ago, I was annoyed at my inability to bake a loaf of bread that pleased me. I checked out the entire shelf of baking books at the local library, and searched the internet for top-rated recipes. I compared ingredients and techniques. I ended up checking out “The Bread Bible” so many times, I finally coughed up the money and bought a copy. Everything I’ve tried in it has been wonderful.

The Ohio Farmhouse Chili the heroine thinks about (just before Guaman lulls her into sleep) is from the “Joy of Cooking.” The Joy of Cooking (My edition is the 1997 printing.) The real title of the recipe is “Ohio Farmhouse Sausage Chili.” My husband once won a chili cook-off with it. It isn’t as spicy, or as thick, as most types of chili I’ve tried.