1. Who are the “bad guys” in the book? Are any of them truly evil? Why or why not?
  2. Is she a polymath? A genius? Talented? Would she consider herself to be any of those? Why or why not?
  3. What colors are associated with each of the main characters? Why do you think those colors go with those people?
  4. Do you think she could have “gotten together” with the man she calls Mr. Darcy? Would they have been happy together?
  5. Do you trust any of the men in the story? Does she? Should she? Can you tell when a main character is lying to her?
  6. How does her autism affect her ability to thrive in the different environments in which she finds herself? Is her autism culturally acceptable to different extents in different cultures?
  7. What role does music have in the book?
  8. It’s been said that, “She who is content, is rich.” Is she content? Is she rich?
  9. If devices like smartphones make people less likely to interact socially, does the decrease in societal sociability make life easier or more difficult for someone with autism? Does someone with autism need those types of social interactions more or less than other people (whether or not they seek them out)?
  10. How does her faith affect her relationships with others? Does she question God? How does her faith change how she sees the world? Does being of different faiths divide people? Are people of different faiths more similar to each other than they are to people without any faith at all?
  11. How does her background affect her relationships? Have you ever had a situation where you thought others would judge you harshly based on your past? How does suffering connect people? How does a person’s judgment of another reveal that person’s character?
  12. Were there any scenes that made you laugh? Why did you find them humorous? Is she able to laugh at herself?