I got this recipe from BlackBart, who posted it on a message board for fans of BYU sports. This is a slightly modified version. It’s one of my family’s favorite dinners.


5 TB salted butter, cut into squares
8 oz jar of peperoncini peppers
1 packet ranch dressing mix
1 packet au jus mix
4-5 lbs beef (chuck roast is great, but I usually use beef that’s been cut into large stew-meat-sized cubes)

Set oven temperature to 225 ̊F.

Put the beef in the bottom of a 12-inch Dutch oven.
Place the squares of butter around the surface of the beef.
Sprinkle the ranch dressing mix and the au jus mix over the beef.
Place the peperoncini peppers around the surface of the beef.
Pour some of the peperoncini juice on the meat (about 2-3 TB).

Don’t add any water!

At this point, it should look like this:

This is how everything looks just before you put it into the oven.
Place the lid on the Dutch oven, and put the whole thing on the middle rack of your oven. Cook it, undisturbed, for at least 3 hours, up to 7 hours. Don’t lift the lid, don’t stir it. Just let it slowly, slowly roast in its own juices and spices. (If you want to add other vegetables, you can do that the last 1-2 hours of the cooking.)

After it’s through cooking and you take it out of the oven, let it sit 30 minutes, with the lid on, before serving.

Uncovering the roast

(While the meat is resting, you can bake some rolls and steam some green beans.)

Feeds 6 hungry adults.