1) Do you believe in fate? Do we make our own destiny? Or are we at the mercy of everyone around us? Are we the flotsam cast adrift on a random universe? Read this short biography of Evariste. In “Entropy,” did he escape his fate? What steps do you take to avoid fate, or to protect against it? How is this different from taking steps to avoid natural consequences of poor choices? Is it possible to be “antifragile”– that is, to become stronger with the onslaught of random, destructive forces?

2) Is God responsible when others hurt us? Consider the heroine’s complaint against God in the last chapter. Is it valid? Why or why not?

3) Is it possible to love someone, and be angry at them, at the same time? Is it possible to respect someone, but not love them, or even hate them? What is the difference between romantic love, friendship, and professional respect? Consider the heroine’s relationship with Evil Bob. Does she respect him? Does she trust him? Can she work with him? Compare what she thinks about Bob, with what Ben thinks about Bob. Why is it so different?

4) What do you make of the fairy tale references in this book?

5) What is the significance of “home”? Consider the difference between her cottage in the mountains, Ben’s home, Chloe’s cottage, and the hunting cabin, and her reaction to these at different times. What makes a home?

6) Does her autism spectrum disorder cause her problems? What are they? What weaknesses do you have, that others could use to their own advantage?

7) How well does the heroine know the people around her? How well do you know the people around you? Think of a place you often go. Do you know the last name, hair and eye color, and family situation of most people you know there? Does familiarity breed contempt, or understanding?

8) Have you met anyone like Suzy-Q? What did you do? What did the people around you do? Do you blame Ben for his relationship with her? If so, what should he have done?