Book of Mormon Videos friends,

Thank you for all you have contributed and continue to give to the series.  You are each truly helping gather Israel and bringing the Book of Mormon to God’s children throughout the world.

I am very excited to let you know that season 4 will begin its release this weekend following the final session of General Conference.  We will start with episode 401 (3 Nephi 8-11), as well as the trailer and a great behind-the-scenes video that will air on KSL and BYUtv.  New episodes will continue to go live every week for the next ten weeks, finishing with the 1 Nephi 10-15 episode.  You can get a very short sneak peek today in the October 2022 World Report (start watching around 36 minutes). 

The videos are going out simultaneously to a global audience in 15 languages, literally bringing the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon across the world. 

Please spread the word in person and on social media, subscribe on YouTube, give your likes, and watch again and again.  Videos and news can be found at:

Thanks again,


Aaron Merrell | Producer
Publishing Services Department
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints